A Note from Father Pat

Greetings to our SMA Family,

I feel the blessings of God amidst this tumult. No, I am not immune or naïve about the pain and challenges we face. I am just blessed to witness amazing acts of grace every day in the people with whom I work and pray and live. All of you give me hope by your witness. That word is so prominent throughout the Easter readings and it becomes incarnate in you by your selfless living out of the core message that defines us as a parish, as a school, as a community.

Thank you all for your sacrifices and your service. To our parents, thank you for your cooperation and support amidst this unprecedented time. To our faculty and staff, thank you for your heroic work in bringing some sense of normalcy into the lives of our children. I know that you sacrifice much out of love for your kids and it is does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by me and so many others. You are an incredible blessing to all of us. To our students, I hope and pray you feel and respond to the love of God being shown to you through the witness of your parents and teachers and others. You, too, can witness by your attentiveness, your enthusiasm, and your appreciation of others through all of this. We are in this TOGETHER.

Please know of my prayers and support for all of you. When this is behind us, we will look back and focus on many things. Most of all, I will focus on the grace of God shown to me by your witness. Peace and blessings be with you.

Blessed Assurance in Christ,
Fr. Pat