April Kiva Update

We were able to complete a loan on Friday!  A woman named Gertrude from the Philippines needed $25 to get 100% funded and SMA was able to provide it!  The $200 loan will help Gertrude build a toilet for her family.  In a past Kiva lesson, the students learned about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.  Gertrude’s new toilet will help reduce health risks to her family.  We are so happy for her!

In keeping with Eco-friendly loans, the students used a recent Time for Kids issue on the pros of buying used rather than new to better understand the toll it takes on the environment to manufacture goods.  Students began comparing the prices of new items such as books to prices on Amazon for the same product just gently used.  What a savings!  Students then looked closely at how a pair of jeans is made.  It starts with the cotton being grown which requires land and water. Chemicals are used to dye the jeans which can be toxic to the environment.  Energy is used in the factories to manufacture the jeans.  The jeans are then packaged in materials such as plastic.  Finally,  the jeans are shipped to the store which causes pollution during transport.  Not only is there a cost to us when buying the jeans but there is a cost to our environment.  Students recognize the importance of becoming more eco-conscious and to do our part in reducing, reusing, and recycling for the well being of our wonderful planet.  And we can even save money in the process 🙂  Remember this rule…  “If it’s good for the planet, it’s good for you!”