School-Wide Learning Expectations

Graduates of Stella Maris Academy are:

  • Active Faith-Filled Catholics Who:
    • Pray everyday
    • Strive to live like Jesus and the Holy Family
    • Understand and share the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church
    • Participate in the sacramental life of the Church centered on the Eucharist

    Lifelong Learners Who:
    • Communicate effectively
    • Work independently and collaboratively to demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills
    • Respect different cultures and their traditions
    • Integrate fine arts through appreciation of music and development of creative art skills
    • Persevere through challenging experiences

    Community and Global Ambassadors Who:
    • Utilize social skills
    • Resolve conflicts peacefully
    • Care for all of God’s Creation
    • Respect others as persons created in the image and likeness of God
    • Demonstrate a spirit of Christlike service