Learning Support Program

The Learning Support Program provides extra help for students with learning differences.

Learning Support Team Parent Information


What is the purpose of an LST?

The Learning Support Team was established to provide a positive, problem-solving process to identify strategies and programs that may resolve or alleviate academic, attendance, health, social, or behavioral difficulties that students are having. Goal setting and the use of accommodations support students in finding success in their learning environment. In addition, this program will help educate parents on how to support their children at home.

Our Mission

The mission of the Stella Maris Academy Learning Support Team is to assist our school community in the identification, referral, intervention, and construction of an action plan to improve the well-being of students.

Who is involved in an LST?

The Learning Support Team is composed of members including teachers, the learning support director, and the school principal. The team recognizes our school as a community and includes staff and parents who can help the student in need. The team is committed to a solution-oriented approach.

Should I ask for an LST Meeting if my child is having problems in class?

Please discuss any specific problems or concerns with your child’s teacher. If the problem is pervasive across many settings, we may need to hold an LST Meeting but please discuss this with your child’s teacher first.

What is the LST process?

Step 1. When a teacher or parent identifies a student needing additional support in the classroom, the teacher will begin collecting data using the Teacher Observation Form (Step 1).

Step 2. The teacher tracks strategies implemented and progress made on the Student Progress Tracker (Step 2).

Step 3. If difficulties persist, the teacher will submit the Teacher Referral Form (Step 3) to the Learning Support Director.  Begin at Step 3 for students with IEP’s, 504 plans, or psychoeducational evaluations.

Step 4. The Learning Support Director will schedule an LST Meeting.  The teacher will ask the parents to complete the Parent Insight Form (Step 4) and the student will complete the Student Insight Form (Step 4) under the teacher’s guidance.  Both forms are to be submitted to the Learning Support Director prior to the LST Meeting.

Step 5. The Learning Support Team, consisting of the Learning Support Director, the principal, teachers, and parents, will meet to share concerns and create specific goals for the student to work towards.  A tentative follow-up meeting will be scheduled.  The Learning Support Teacher will provide a copy of the SMART Goal Action Plan (Step 4) to the team.

Step 6. The SMART Goal Action Plan will be implemented in the classroom until the next LST Meeting.  The teacher will complete the LST Action Plan Monitoring Form (Step 5) during this time.  This data will be shared with the Learning Support Director prior to the next LST Meeting.

Step 7. The Learning Support Team will meet again to review the student’s progress (Step 6).  The teacher will bring the LST Action Plan Monitoring Form and other documentation.  If progress was not made, the SMART Goal Action Plan can be rewritten.  Parents may also submit a request for assessment through SDUSD or a private assessor.  A follow-up meeting will be tentatively scheduled.  If progress was made, the plan may be discontinued or modified.

What happens at an LST Meeting?

  1. The classroom teacher reports on the student’s progress and/or general concerns.
  2. Student information such as parent and/or teacher reports are distributed to all group members.
  3. Each team member is asked to discuss the student’s strengths and challenges with the team.
  4. The Learning Support Director summarizes the team’s input (parent, teacher, and administrator) and facilitates an action plan of intervention. The Learning Support Director will come prepared with a preliminary action plan.
  5. The preliminary action plan is shared, discussed, and modified as needed. All participants agree on the plan and receive a copy of the notes.
  6. A plan for follow up should be discussed.
  7. Students may be referred to the local public school district in which the child resides for further evaluation. Parents will be provided with the necessary contact information to request evaluation.

Current LST Members:

Mrs. Francie Moss (Principal)
Mrs. Jennifer Kwiatkowski  (Learning Support Director)

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