Legacy Giving / Gift Planning

Legacy Giving  /  Gift Planning

Legacy gifts are a great way of ensuring that both your loved ones and the charitable causes you care about will benefit from your estate. A gift to Stella Maris Academy will create a lasting legacy for future generations of students. Gifts to Stella Maris Academy from your estate can be made in many ways. The most common types of gifts are from wills and trusts and through these giving vehicles:

Residuary Gift: The residue (or a percentage of the residue) of an estate after all other gifts, debts and expenses have been paid.

Pecuniary Gift: A fixed sum of money.

Specific Gift: An identifiable asset such as a property, an investment (such as an IRA or insurance policy) or a piece of jewelry.

Reversionary gift: A two-stage gift where assets are first held in a trust to provide some benefit to an individual; this could be a property for them to live in or income generated by investments.  Once that individual’s need for the property (or trust) ends, the assets then pass to a second beneficiary, such as Stella Maris Academy.

Recommended Language
When you include Stella Maris Academy to receive a gift from your will or trust, you can use the following suggested wording for your gift.

Residuary gift:
I give Stella Maris Academy (…….%) percent of the residue of my real and personal estate to Stella Maris Academy, 7654 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 (Tax ID #27-3979509).

Pecuniary gift:
I give ($…….) dollars to Stella Maris Academy, 7654 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 (Tax ID #27-3979509).

Specific gift of an asset:
I give my ……. (include a description of the asset here) to Stella Maris Academy 7654 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 (Tax ID #27-3979509)

If you have any questions about your gift to Stella Maris Academy, please contact Dr. Jennifer Ledfors, Director of Advancement (at 858-454-2461 or at jledfors@stellamarisacademy.org), or speak to your attorney. If you have already named Stella Maris Academy to receive a gift from your estate, please let us know so that we may welcome you into our Legacy Society.

Legal Name: Stella Maris Academy
Address: 7654 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037
Federal Tax ID number 27-3979509.

IRAs and Your Estate Plan
If you name Stella Maris Academy as a beneficiary of your IRA, your gift is free of taxes – providing a greater impact for your giving as well as flexibility in your planning with the ability to reduce taxes. While most gifts from a will or trust are subject to required estate deductions, because the Stella Maris is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, a gift from your IRA will be tax-free. The IRA beneficiary form will likely require Stella Maris Academy’s tax identification number #27-3979509.

Professional Advisors: Please contact our Advancement Office at 858-454-2461 if you have been notified of a realized gift to Stella Maris Academy, or if you have any questions about Stella Maris Academy’s Gift Planning program. Stella Maris Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID #27-3979509.