The Top 10 Reasons Why Stella Maris Academy is a Top-Notch School

From the Home Office in Beautiful Downtown La Jolla

The Top 10 Reasons Stella Maris Academy is a Top-Notch School

10.  We offer Spanish, Art, Technology, and P.E. as part of our general curriculum

9.   We are resourceful: Our resource specialist assists students across grade levels

8.   We are family:  Most students stay with us from Kindergarten through 8th Grade

7.   Road trip! With visits to Balboa Park, Biz Town, Star of India, and the Olympic Training Center (among others), SMA students receive an enhanced education with visits to great San Diego landmarks

6.  We have our own Green Monster:  Batball is not just a game; it is a tradition

5.  We are polite: Our Social Skills Curriculum helps us to be respected and to respect each other

4.  Don’t be a square: SMA provides a well-rounded education. We are a spiritually, morally, and academically focused community.  Did you know SMA is the only K-8 Catholic school in San Diego to have the distinction to be a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School?

3.  Our students are always in style: uniforms make it easy to keep up with what the other kids are wearing

2.  Our Teachers earn all F’s: fun, fair, friendly, and fantastically well educated

1.  Let go and let God: When all else fails, remember that God is all around us – from Mary, Star of the Sea to You and Me