Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations

In 6th grade social studies, we have been studying Ancient India. Before Christmas break, we were learning about the geography of India and how it affected the early settlements there. Students were asked to also create their own ideal place to settle based on all that we have learned so far in regards to people choosing to settle in various parts of the world. When we returned on Monday, students became archaeologists and studied artifacts from the city of Mohenjodaro. They analyzed these artifacts and made decisions about what they taught them about daily life then. They then checked their ideas to those of archaeologists in our textbook. They just finished creating a magazine cover to summarize all that they learned about Mohenjodaro. We are now moving on to studying some world religions, specifically Hinduism and Buddhism.

Medieval History

Before we left for Christmas break seventh grade students were asked to write about how the Crusades affected the lives of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. This was a significant assignment as it was a 5 paragraph essay breaking down the impact on all of these people. Students were asked to create an outline with Mrs. Zentmyer and spent several weeks reading and researching the Crusades in class. 

This past week we have moved on to learning about West Africa. We completed a lesson on early societies in West Africa and students had to determine which factor was the most significant to the development of societies there. They also learned about the importance of salt in this region.

This week we will continue our study of West Africa and learn about Ghana and the importance of trade.

U.S. History


In 8th grade, we have been focusing on the new republic of the United States. Students have learned about George Washington and his experience as our first president. This past week students looked closely at the differing views of Hamilton and Jefferson and learned about the first establishment of political parties, Federalists versus Democratic-Republicans. They broke down the different views of these two gentlemen and had a brief debate on their views. They also looked at some primary sources, specifically letters that Hamilton and Jefferson had written to Washington. They were asked to gain greater insight into their personalities based on the letters they had written. They started to learn about John Adams’s presidency and will be moving on to that of Thomas Jefferson’s. They will continue to look at these gentlemen as we delve deeper into foreign policy. We will also have a guest speaker, Mr. Limberg, on Thursday to prepare us for our trip to the courthouse and to address some questions students had about their rights

Social Studies Wishlist

As I am building up the Social Studies classroom, I decided to make a list of some things that would be nice to have as resources for our classes. I started an Amazon Wishlist. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out.

Amazon Wishlist