Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations

This week in 6th grade students will be taking a closer look at the achievements of the four empires of Mesopotamia. They will learn about the various rulers in the Akkadian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Assyrian Empire, and the Neo-Babylonian Empire. We take a closer look at Hammurabi and his code of laws and create some court cases that will need to be heard at trials with these codes of law. They will have to look at their own definitions of justice versus Hammurabi’s. Students will ultimately decide their view of these laws and if they were a good or bad part of this time period and why.

Medieval History

This week the 7th graders took a closer look at life in the middle ages. They were assigned a section of our text to become experts on and present it to the class. Students learned about guilds, crime and punishment, disease and medical treatments, trade, and commerce, as well as leisure and entertainment. We will be taking a closer look at the Black Death, as well as watching a few videos to further enhance our learning of this time period. Students will ultimately be creating some type of diary entry as a person living during this time to show their overall understanding.


U.S. History

This week in 8th grade we started the process of learning about all the things that led up to the American Revolution. On Monday, I shared with them that there was a new charge being added. That as a school we had to pay for our G Suite license and since we are using Google Classroom so much more this year, we would be charging them 10 cents to access every assignment in Google Classroom. They are a smart group and knew something was up but not before they asked a whole lot of questions about this new rule. They were quite mad about “paying for grades” and things. I eventually (after a few minutes) related this to how the colonists felt after Britain started taxing them to help pay off the debt from the French and Indian War. While we learn about all the events that caused the colonists to become so frustrated, they are also establishing their own colonies, determining their own laws, and seeing if they can keep their 100 people alive and prospering. We have a ton to do with this chapter and so it will take a little bit to make our way through this. Students will be attending virtual Town Halls as various people in history and voting and giving feedback on several events. These historical figures were either Patriots, Loyalists, or Neutralists and will make for some fun discussions. Ultimately students will be writing a five-paragraph essay on the events they feel most led to the American Revolution and why.

Social Studies Wishlist

As I am building up the Social Studies classroom, I decided to make a list of some things that would be nice to have as resources for our classes. I started an Amazon Wishlist. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out.

Amazon Wishlist