Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations


In 6th grade social studies, we will begin the year investigating the past. Students play the role of detectives of the past to discover and interpret clues about how prehistoric humans lived. Students will take on the role of social scientists and interpret photographs of paintings and artifacts found in caves once inhabited by prehistoric humans. Students will develop a historical question and then plan a simple inquiry to answer the question. Students will also learn to analyze primary and secondary sources while thinking like a historian. 

Medieval History

In seventh grade, students will begin the year analyzing images of various events in the medieval world in order to develop themes the see in world history. Students also research the origins of the word "medieval" and take the themes they have read about and expand on which they are most intrigued by and why. Students will revisit the process of thinking like a historian to prepare them for our journey into medieval history.


U.S. History

In 8th grade, students will begin the year revisiting all that they know about U.S. History. Students will then analyze various events in our nation's history to develop themes. They will pick three of these themes to look into in-depth and present their ideas to the class. We will quickly move into our first unit on the first Americans and their adaptations to 8 different environments. We will also be resisting our "thinking like a historian" process as students review primary and secondary sources.

Social Studies Wishlist

As I am building up the Social Studies classroom, I decided to make a list of some things that would be nice to have as resources for our classes. I started an Amazon Wishlist. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out.

Amazon Wishlist