The Mystery of Native Australian Wombats

by Scarlett H.
Student Staff Writer
Stella Maris Academy News

Wombats are marsupials that are native to Australia. I was born in Australia, so I ought to know a lot about wombats. A wombat is my favorite animal, because it is super cute and chubby. Some people mistake wombats for Koalas, but they are wrong. Wombats don’t climb trees; they live in burrows in the ground.  I really wish I had one for a pet, but wombats want to be with their family too.  I’ve only been able to see one at the zoo here in San Diego, and also at Black Butt (named after an Australian tree, a zoo in Newcastle Australia). I hope that one day I will be able to pet one.

At Stella Maris Academy, in the fifth grade, I learned even more about Australia, beyond my time living in on the continent.

I enjoy attending Stella Maris Academy because I am challenged in my work, and because I have the opportunity to write about my interests.


(Photo credit: J J Harrison / Wikipedia)