Living Stations of the Cross – Today at 2 p.m.

We hope you can join us today in the church at 2 p.m. as the 8th graders present the Living Stations of the Cross. Also, a reminder that tomorrow we will be having a prayer service in the church at 11:15.

Gala Reminder – The Silent Auction is now LIVE!

Hi SMA families –

The Gala’s Silent Auction is now live (here is the link:   Items to look for include: Front Row seats to 8th Grade Graduation, 3 Nights in a Luxury La Jolla Shores Beach House, Tickets to the Lot, Spirit Wear packages from Cathedral High School, OLP High School, and St. Augustine’s High School, Tickets to the San Diego Symphony, Class Art Projects for TK, 3rd, 5th & 6th Grades, and much more.

Please note that logging onto the Silent Auction website now to obtain your Bidder Number helps with the check in process the night of the Gala.

Happy bidding! Contact me at with any questions.

Renata Turquand, 2018 Gala Chair

Help the Missions – Donate your bottles and cans!

by Morgan B.
Student Staff Writer
Stella Maris Academy News

Today at Stella Maris Academy (SMA) we had a visitor, Sister Doreen from the Missionary Childhood Association. Every class got a chance to come and hear her speak. She shared two videos with all the students. The first one was about children in Africa who are suffering from a really bad drought. In the video, a group of people set up a little building there to give children food and drink. Some of these children were sick from the lack of water and they have little to no medical treatment. These children are pretty much helpless unless someone comes to help them. That is what the MCA does, they help all the people who can’t help themselves. Their mission is to share with others the stories of children throughout the world and ask for others to join them in helping others.

Mr. Erickson stated, “During the trimester that just ended on Friday, our school raised $229 for the Missions through our bottle and can recycling program. Thank you for putting your containers in the boxes outside the classrooms and not in the trash cans. Since we started doing this in 2005, we have raised $14,741 for the Missions. Let’s hit $15,000 by the end of the school year! Thank you, SMA!”

Please consider donating your plastic bottles and cans to our school to continue to help those in need.

The Mystery of Native Australian Wombats

by Scarlett H.
Student Staff Writer
Stella Maris Academy News

Wombats are marsupials that are native to Australia. I was born in Australia, so I ought to know a lot about wombats. A wombat is my favorite animal, because it is super cute and chubby. Some people mistake wombats for Koalas, but they are wrong. Wombats don’t climb trees; they live in burrows in the ground.  I really wish I had one for a pet, but wombats want to be with their family too.  I’ve only been able to see one at the zoo here in San Diego, and also at Black Butt (named after an Australian tree, a zoo in Newcastle Australia). I hope that one day I will be able to pet one.

At Stella Maris Academy, in the fifth grade, I learned even more about Australia, beyond my time living in on the continent.

I enjoy attending Stella Maris Academy because I am challenged in my work, and because I have the opportunity to write about my interests.


(Photo credit: J J Harrison / Wikipedia)

And the Spirit Run class winner is…


Today it was announced that third grade has won the Spirit Run prize! Did you know that 100% of the third grade class brought in MORE than $100? That is pretty amazing third grade!! We hope you enjoy your picnic and silly string festivities.

Stella Maris would also like to thank all of our parents and students for exceeding our goal of $13,000 and raising over $14,000. Your generosity is truly amazing and you make our SMA community so wonderful.

Thank you once again to Jennifer Bonakdar for organizing this entire event. You are truly an inspiration to all of us!

We are SO CLOSE!! Spirit Run Update

We have raised 12,100 and are honing in on our target. If you have waited until the last minute to donate, this is it. Monies must be turned in tomorrow morning, February 15th to be counted.

February Kiva Update

Second and third grade chose to help in the area of Water and Sanitation this month.  A woman by the name of Hien, who lives in Vietnam, is struggling with the absence of a toilet.  Unfortunately, many in her community are in this same horrible situation.  Building a toilet will improve the health of Hien and her two children.  Quite simply, this loan will help prevent the spread of disease.  Appropriate sanitation facilities are critical for these families!

After learning about germs and sanitation, students played The Germ Game!   The object of the game was to keep the dreaded germs away by showing their understanding of what they learned during our Kiva lesson.  Students understood we don’t notice when germs enter our bodies and were able to give examples of what could happen if they do.  Students also saw the importance of practicing good hygiene such as washing their hands.

We were happy to help Hien and her family and we pray for their continued good health!

Viva Las Vegas – March 10th

You are invited to a Viva Las Vegas Casino Night

Benefitting Stella Maris Academy

Saturday, March 10, 2018

6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

UCSD – The Great Hall

Hosted by the Stella Maris Academy PTO

RSVP by February 16, 2018

January KIVA update

3rd and 7th Grade spent Friday morning discussing the challenges facing single parents around the world.  These mothers and fathers are supporting their families without a partner.  In small groups, students shared out their ideas regarding why they believe being a single parent is difficult.  One group said, “It’s hard because you have to work by yourself and you have less income.”  Another group said, “There is no one to help you.”  Students showed sympathy and empathy as their classmates spoke.
Students were introduced to a man named Armando, a father from Boliva, who is supporting his three children working as a bricklayer and a driver.  He is in need of a loan for a motor and maintenance of his vehicle.  The students felt we should help him because “his car is probably run down and old.” They were impressed by how hard working he is by holding down two jobs to support his family.  The students recognized the love Armando has for his children and that he is doing everything he can to provide for them.
Our SMA students continue to show their compassion for others and are always willing to help in some way.  We will continue to learn the stories of these men and women in need and do what we can, no matter how small.



We can’t wait to see everyone at the La Jolla Rec Center Monday afternoon, filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to kick off Catholic Schools week with this FUNdraiser. Please remember that students may come to school in appropriate, comfortable athletic wearEat a sensible lunch (nothing too heavy) and bring sunscreen and a water bottle. We will have water at the park to refill bottles and gatorade and light snacks for after the run. Thank you to all who have volunteered to help at the event – it is not too late to join us. See the signup genius to see where you are needed, or just show up at the park and we’ll find a role for you! We especially need parents to help tally laps and cheer students on as they go go go!

Lastly,THANK YOU FOR YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT of the Spirit Run.  Remember to keep collecting donations and pledges. We have raised over $5000 so far towards our $13K goal. Money must be turned in by Thursday Feb 15 to be counted toward any incentives, the taco lunch, the silly string battle, or any teacher prizes.

See you on the field – let’s do this SMA!

*Jen Bonakdar

Spirit Run Coordinator/PTO Treasurer